Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things I would write about if I had the time...

After reading this blog entry from Cary back in June, I suddenly realized this morning that I could write my own version of that blog entry.  (Funny the thoughts that hit you when you're squished in a bus enroute to work and are trying not to sneeze.)

I started a new career position a few weeks ago.  It's been fantastic, but I came in right at the busiest time of the year.  Trying to get up to speed with everything in combination with the timing of when I started, plus adjusting to a longer commute, has resulted in some heavy hours.  Therefore, for about the dozenth time, I am falling horrifically behind on blogging (mine as well as all of yours!)

If I had the time, here's what I would write about:
  1. Exploring the new neighborhood in which I now work, both in my running shoes and via other modes of transport.  But having to be careful about where I venture.
  2. A growing obsession with Reebok's running apparel.
  3. Trying to select THE running shoe I will wear on marathon day.  I really enjoyed this blog entry from Xaarlin on the HUGE emotional toll that ensues during this process.  I relate VERY much.  And I REALLY like using CAPITAL letters.
  4. Rediscovering Chicago's Lakefront Path.  I hadn't run on the path for several years due to where I now live.  But I decided to go check it out again last weekend and was enthralled.  (I also ran into Erin out there, what are the odds?!?!)
  5. My renewed obsession with Disney races.  I've been getting emails promoting the Disney Marathon's 20th Anniversary Race this year, which looks amazing.  I've had to fight myself on this because I want that Mickey medal!
  6. Learning the hard way that marathon training does NOT mean you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, in as much quantity as you want.  Oof.
  7. Recent efforts to improve my running form, basically by focusing more on propeling myself as I push off.  (A little hard to explain in words.)
  8. A much-needed vacation to North Carolina coming up in a few weeks, as well as the NAAAP National Convention next weekend.
  9. Doing long runs on Saturdays, even if it means doing them at weird times, instead of Sundays.  For various reasons.  
  10. Discovering powdered Gatorade!  Also trying some new fueling options (Clif shot bloks, Honey Stingers, sports beans, plus some new GU flavors).
  11. Going to an awesome White Sox game and getting to cross a few other things off of my Summer 2012 To-Do List.
More to come as soon as time permits!


  1. Congrats on the new job!

    The marathon shoe thing is tricky, but I'm sure you'll find something that will work. I've embraced my new shoes with open feet and so far I'm really enjoying the ride :)

    The lakefront is nice. But can be super crowded on Saturdays. I might do my long run on Friday after work.yikes!

    Those Disney races look awesome. One of these days I'll have to go and do the goofy challenge. I think 13.1 and a full marathon on consecutive days. Those medals are too darn sweet to pass up!

    Um yeah. Marathon training and eating. That's a tough one. I used to gain weight during each Marathon training season because I'd stuff myself until near explosion. But this year for my attempted BQ, I wanted to lose a few lbs. so far, I'm down 10lbs from last year this time and about 6lbs over the past few months. Running 50 miles a week helps, but I'm trying to not binge on everything in sight when I get the runger :) self control is definitely helping.

    1. Love your phrase "embraced your new shoes with open feet" - SO CLEVER!!! I am really glad to hear that your new Mizunos have worked out so well for you, what a huge relief!

      Ah, the Goofy Challenge... one of these days I would love to do that, too! Imagine what an accomplishment it would be to run 39.3 miles within 36 hours!?!?!?!?

      And yes, I've definitely been stuffing myself to near explosion during my training this year. Congratulations on being able to control yourself when the runger hits (that's another clever word, "runger" - LOVE IT!) and for being healthier this time around! I absolutely cannot wait for you to ROCK Fox Valley in a few weeks!!!

  2. #6. Sigh. Yes.

    I am excited to hear about your new exploration around your job! And to hear more about your job! We need to meet up soon... if that is even possible for you ;)

    1. Sigh indeed.

      We are so overdue to catch up! Since I don't work downtown anymore, I don't have the opportunities at my fingertips to meet up with a lot of folks anymore. Grrr! But we will definitely find a time to get together very, very, VERY soon! I actually live very close to the train stations, so depending what train you take home on Wednesday evenings, maybe we can try to meet up after work? At the very least, we'll catch up during the Chicago Half Marathon!!!

  3. Omg. I have been trying SO hard to resist the 20th Anniversary Mickey Medal. Isn't it awesome!?

    1. IT is SO HARD to resist the 20th Anniversary Mickey Medal. IT IS AWESOME. And I remember your post about how you ran the full Disney marathon instead of the half primarily because you wanted the Mickey medal instead of the other medal. I TOTALLY RELATE!