Saturday, October 6, 2012

Videos, sights, and sounds from the Expo

At the Chicago Marathon expo, they were playing two incredible videos that I absolutely had to share.

This first video is a compilation of sights, sounds, and soul-burning images from the 2011 Chicago Marathon.  I've watched this video about 5 times and every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes.

This second video goes through the entire Chicago Marathon course in about 7 minutes, listing all of the 29 neighborhoods that you pass through.  It is breathtaking and it makes me very, very proud of the city's beauty and vibrant diversity.  However, for a local city resident who knows the magnitude of the distances between all of these neighborhoods, it's also a little scary.

Here are some other pictures from the Chicago Marathon Expo:

Participants could make a donation and sign a bottle that would contribute to this flag wall.
They were handing out these posters.
This is where the incredible videos from above were being shown.
The race shirt
Pace bands that they were handing out, which are in the form of a temporary tattoo.  Love it!

They had all 45,000+ of the runners' names printed on one of the expo walls.

A splurge that I made.  This is the front...
... and this is the back.

There was so much energy in the air.  What was also awesome was seeing the diversity of the runners at the expo. I heard at least a half dozen different languages being spoken and I saw people wearing items representing at least another half dozen countries.  Love it.

I'm meeting several other bloggers for a carb-loading lunch today.  More to come!


  1. Yay! Thanks for the pics and vids! I can't make it to the expo this year and love the peek inside! That jacket is TOO CUTE! Hope to see a pic of you in it soon! Have fun at the lunch! :)

    Your comment about the diversity of runners reminds me of the NYC Marathon - they have so many countries represented! I couldn't even communicate with the french man I crossed the finish line with, lol.

  2. Love the photos! And I freaking love that 2011 video. I've also watched it a bunch of times.. I think I need a tissue now. Thanks! :)

    See ya in a bit! :)

  3. Every post I read makes me a little bit MORE excited about tomorrow!

  4. It's when I read these posts that I wish I was running tomorrow!

  5. The end of that video = tear central. The looks on the runners' faces as they cross the finish line gives me goosebumps. I can't wait to see your finisher's photos :) Girl you're gonna rock it tomorrow!!!!! Are any of you planning on meeting up after the race? I would love to stalk some of you down :)

  6. It was nice meeting you today!! I hope you enjoy yourself tomorrow! You are going to do great!!!

  7. Good luck tomorrow - You are going to do awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it! :D

  8. Sometimes expos can be frustrating, too crowded, too noisey, too much walking, blah. But they also have so much energy and excitement! Love the red pull-over you picked out. I bet you are going to be wearing that today.*

  9. "However, for a local city resident who knows the magnitude of the distances between all of these neighborhoods, it's also a little scary." ... every time my mom looked at the race course map that I printed up for their spectating, she was like "I'm worried for you!"