Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sidetracked and juggling

One would think that after months of struggling mightily with stubborn and sometimes debilitating runner's injuries, that I would learn that prevention is way easier than rehabbing. 

One would think that with me knowing how much of runner's training involves non-running activities, I would give these non-running activities the proper prioritization. 

One would think that Twinkies can last for decades without spoiling and that it's a good idea to stock up on cratefuls of Twinkies in case of emergency galactic famine.

One would be wrong on all counts.

My knee has been aching more incessantly over the past few weeks.  In response, I've tried to be very consistent about doing my physical therapy routine, which has usually helped.  But this time, the physical therapy hasn't been as effective as usual in quelling the aching.

I know that doing yoga helps runners and nonrunners alike in countless ways.  I've experienced the benefits firsthand and I used to be good about doing yoga at least once a week.  However, over the past few weeks, I've left my yoga routine slide to the wayside, preferring to focus just on running and on physical therapy.  This change has made a difference - in a bad way.

My reasons for skipping yoga were twofold.  First, my schedule has been a complete disaster these last few weeks.  Second, since my physical therapy routine includes a lot of stretching, quite frankly I thought I could get away with not doing yoga without much impact. 

Yeah, my knee quickly let me know who's boss.
After probably a month-long yoga hiatus, this morning I pulled out one of my yoga videos and grimaced through almost the entire routine.  Wow, did I feel stiff!  A lot of the poses that are usually fairly fluid for me ended up being unfamiliarily challenging.  I am used to feeling tightnesses in my lower body, but today the muscle stiffness also introduced itself in my back, of all places. 

As awkward as the yoga was feeling, my knee achiness did subside for a little while afterwards.  So that was good.  But clearly I really need to get back on track with doing yoga on a regular basis.

This is the body after an extended period without yoga.

Seriously, though.  Between running, foam-rolling, physical therapy, yoga, weight-training, and other cross-training activities, the ideal fitness routine can truly serve as a full-time occupation on top of everything else we do in life.  How do people balance it all? 

Maybe it's time to go to clown school and take juggling lessons.

Oh, and about those Twinkies?  Apparently they only have a shelf life of 25 days.  (!?!?!?) 

Guess there's no time like the present to start packing down those Twinkies-in-reserve...


  1. I am the worst about doing all the things I should do. I ran two marathons with runnung and not much else. (No cross training, no strength training, no speed work, no yoga.) I think you just have to find what your body needs (sounds like it needs yoga) and skip the stuff you don't need. You'll burn out trying to do it all.*

    1. I really like the idea of determining the "must-haves" vs. the "nice-to-haves" and prioritizing the fitness routine that way. Great suggestion, Amy! Thanks!!!

  2. "the ideal fitness routine can truly serve as a full-time occupation on top of everything else we do in life" - SO TRUE! I thought about this all the time while training for my half. And I was only training for a half too...I still can't imagine how people train for marathons with a full-time job.

    I definitely need to incorporate cross-training into my routine next time I train for a big race. I no longer need proof that it reduces injuries tenfold.

    Good luck with your training! I'm looking forward to following you on your journey :)

    1. I know some people who follow their marathon training plans to the letter - and I sure as heck don't have the time to do all the weekday mileage! I've been loosely following Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Marathon Training plan (which translates to me just doing the long run mileage on the weekends, then doing whatever I have time for on the weekdays). We'll see how successful it is. ;)

      Thank you - I really appreciate your support and feedback!!! In the meantime, I hope things are going smoothly for you as you are packing for your trip to Russia!!!!

  3. I think the only people who have time to do it all are the Olympic Athletes! I struggle just to fit in my strength training! If only I could figure out yoga too.

    Has your schedule changed much lately? ;)