Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday giveaway!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I recently won a spandex headband from Shinianen, courtesy of BellasBoutiqueMN (an Etsy business owned by her sister, Elizabeth). In addition, Shinianen told me that BellasBoutiqueMN would provide another headband for me to give away on my blog!

Here are pictures of Shinianen modeling the headband:

Check out the Etsy listing for all of the product specs. In addition, here are the colors available:

  1. Disco ball
  2. Peacock
  3. Purple and black damask
  4. Paisley
  5. Peace sign
  6. Pink, red, and orange stripes (with sheer gold insets)
  7. Blue and white stripes
  8. Burgundy and white stripes
  9. Navy blue solid
  10. Pink textured
  11. Black solid

In addition to the great color selections, these headbands are all handmade, super versatile, and would make a great gift. In case you were wondering, I selected the disco ball pattern for myself - and I am super excited to rock it out (no pun intended) at an upcoming race. =D

BellasBoutiqueMN Spandex Headband Giveaway Rules
  • One reader will receive a spandex headband of their choice.
  • This giveaway is open until 5:00 PM CST on Friday, December 13. I will announce the winner on Saturday, December 16.
  • To enter the giveaway - leave me a comment telling me which headband color is your favorite.
  • For bonus entries: 
    • Visit BellasBoutiqueMN and leave a comment telling me what other items you like.
    • Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and let me know what you did (one bonus for each share).
  • You can leave all entries in one comment if you like.
  • This giveaway is open to all U.S. readers.
  • You do NOT have to be a blogger to enter! Just be sure to provide a way to contact you.
Happy holidays to all!!!


  1. I like the peacock and also the peace signs

  2. These are so pretty! I want one! My favorite is #3, the purple and black damask. I think it'd go nicely when quite a few of my running ensembles. Fingers crossed!

  3. I like #8 or the disco ball print!

  4. I love #8 the Burgundy and white stripes

  5. I love their crochet Nintendo mushrooms!

  6. headband #3 is my favorite, love the colors!

  7. I shared on facebook!

  8. also shared on twitter!

  9. I like #3 the best! - Joline H.

  10. i shared on fb and twitter as well! -Joline H.

  11. Pink textured, but peace signs is a close runner up!

  12. Everything is so cute in Bellas Boutique! Ack! I especially liked the Squirrel, Snail or Hedgehog - Hand Crochet Amigurumi. Absolutely adorable.

  13. I tweeted:

  14. Finally catching up on reading blogs so I am really late here.