Friday, October 12, 2012

Alter ego

My alter ego is out there.  A search through Marathonfoto brought up this revealing picture from the Chicago Marathon.


The resemblance is uncanny!
  • Same color-combo outfit
  • Similar-style sunglasses
  • Check out the complex web of knee tape. Very reminiscent of my own ongoing knee wonkiness!
  • My hair looks JUST LIKE THAT when I get out of bed in the mornings. 

If this isn't my long-lost, evil running twin, I don't know what is!!!


  1. Other similarities: He's thumbs-upping and you are #1 signing, both wearing watches and both were running a similar pace!

  2. hahahaha. I bet he is out there right now, thinking the same thing!

  3. You two look good together! You should race togehter again soon :)

    Any other good pics? :)

  4. Is he wearing a wig??

    This photo is hilarious. It's not often that a marathon photographer gets something this good.

  5. Hehehe! Your running doppleganger!*