Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three Races Thursday

Some bloggers do weekday-themed blog postings, such as Three Things Thursday, Triple Tangent Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, etc.  I do like to be unique in my own way - and it just so happens that I've currently got three races on the brain.  So with that, I present to you my inaugural (and probably only-ever edition of) Three Races Thursday!

I discuss the three in descending order of my thought-complexity relating to each race.  How about that?

Race #1: ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon
A bunch of the Chicago Running Bloggers have rented a house up in Lake Geneva, WI for the weekend to run the ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon

Ultimately I wasn't planning on going, since I didn't think my body could handle another race just two weeks after the Chicago Marathon.  (This is being further confirmed by the fact that I've been dealing with lingering groin pain for a week and a half now.  But more on that another time).  Then I started thinking that I could still go just to hang out, but I'd at least be a good spectator (so as to avoid achieving the status of amorphous blob).  But then I started thinking, if I'm spectating, why not make myself really useful and volunteer at the race?

Hey!  How cool would it be to be one of the folks at the finish line crowning all the exuberant runners with their post-race rewards (in this case, ZOOMA necklaces)?  Only, I'm sure that by now all of the most sought-after volunteer positions have already been filled.  I'd probably end up being the official post-race banana-distributer.

The banana-distribution concept has actually become quite the running joke between Kim and me.  But, there are certainly worse things to be handing out than bananas!  Case in point: when I was in high school I worked at the Ravinia Festival.  And on certain occasions, my job was to stand at the front gate and hand out garbage bags to picnickers.  No joke!

Alas, I digress.

The weekend festivities sound like a BLAST but sadly I'm on the fence about going, for varous reasons.  Namely, other travel commitments in the weeks before and after, as well as some stuff going on in Chicago that weekend.  Sigh, why must the timing be as such?  Decisions, decisions, decisions...


Race #2: Mad Dash To Madison 5K postponement
I was saddened (though not surprised) when the NHL went into a lockout last week.  This means that the NHL season, including its training camp and all other official festivities, will not commence until a new labor agreement can be reached.  These official festivities include the Mad Dash To Madison, which was supposed to take place this Saturday.

I had really been looking forward to the start of hockey season, and to running this race for the first time.  The race takes place within my own neighborhood, meaning no god-awful early-morning wakeup calls and no complex logistics.  Not to mention that for once, Adam wouldn't have to endure a pre-dawn alarm clock to be my chauffeur!  I was also super excited to get a Blackhawks-themed race shirt.  Finally, I was excited to see if I could break the 27:52 that I ran at the Strike Out ALS 5K earlier this summer. 

But alas, to no avail.  Yours truly is a very sad runner/hockey fan.  =(

Although, I am not as despondent as this young Vancouver Canucks fan.  This videoshoot occurred right after the Blackhawks eliminated the Canucks from the playoffs in 2009:

(I knew there was a reason that I don't play golf.)

Hopefully the NHL will get a deal in place quickly so the race can be rescheduled, or at least so that the season can get underway!  Regardless, the race organizers have already refunded all of the runners' registration fees, which was nice of them.  So worst case scenario, I am already planning on running Mad Dash with a vengeance next year.

In the meantime, let the severe hockey withdrawal continue!

Race #3: PAWS Run For Their Lives 8K
I am super excited to run the PAWS Run For Their Lives race this Sunday.  It's my first ever 8K, and benefits a cause very close to my heart.

I was originally planning on trying to "race" this race.  But given that I want to be cautious about my health with two weeks left to go before the marathon, I may actually just run this race leisurely and for pure fun.

To be really honest, though, depending on how the aches and pains are holding up on race morning, I may actually even drop down to the 4K walk.  There is further incentive for me to drop down, as well, which is that Adam said he'd do the 4K with me if I chose to do it.  That would be awesome!

I wonder if they hand out doggie treats/catnip at the end to all of our furry compatriates?

In any event, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous this Sunday. And there is no better place to spend a beautiful weekend morning than along the lakefront with fellow runners, walkers, and their four-legged companions.

THREE asterisks to denote a forthcoming change in topic below!
(Pretty clever, eh?)

... aaaaaaaand thus concludes my first (and only-ever) edition of Three Races Thursday.  I hope you enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime forage!

Happy autumn and happy running to all!


  1. I hope whatever you decide to do this weekend that you have fun at PAWS!

    And I'm bummed that the Mad Dash to Madison was canceled for reasons that also bum you out since you're such a huge hockey fan. I hope the NHL gets it act together!

    1. Its quite possible that Emily's husband will have a blog up in the next few days addressing said NHL lockout...

      Maybe some of the NHL players can go and hand out bananas !!!

    2. Thanks, Erin! I hope you have a fantastic time at your convention this weekend, too! Bummer that you can't do the PAWS run, as well, but maybe next year? Thanks again for bearing with me during our run this morning, by the way. Today did NOT go down as one of my better runs. =( But here's hoping the next one is better.

    3. I look forward to reading thy husband's blog addressing said NHL lockout!!! And I think it would be a great idea for some of the NHL players to go hand out bananas! All you need is a Kaner shuffle and a Frolik Navidad, and it would be the event of the year!!! =D

  2. Aww, bummer that your race is postponed! I really hope it is rescheduled for a time you can go! That would be my big fear!

    Have fun at PAWS! That would be awesome if Adam did the 4K with you!

    You know I totes think you should come to ZOOMA just for a bit to hang out with us and give us our bananas in the schweet outfit... or maybe you want to trun the 5K with Kelsey?! Come on.... ;)

    1. Big bummer, indeed. But maybe it is just as well to not be trying to run two sprint-type races in the same weekend during taper-time. As long as they don't reschedule for the weekend of October 7th. =D

      Ahhh, dilemmas dilemmas dilemmas with ZOOMA!!! Regardless, thanks for the very welcoming invite! No matter what the final decision ends of being, we'll have to plan other road-trip getaways with the crew. Maybe the Illinois Marathon/Half?!?

    2. Yes! We will come up with something!!! :)

  3. From one giant hockey fan to another, SO FREAKING SAD NHL! Sucks. :(

    (I hope you come to ZOOMA in whatever capacity! It's going to be fun!)

    1. NHL lockout TOTALLY SUCKS INDEED. =( Here is hoping that they get things figured out soon!!! Don't they realize what kind of hockey withdrawal we are all in!?!?!?

      I'd so love to go to ZOOMA in some capacity... just awkward timing for me, though! Sigh... But regardless of whether or not I go, you are going to have a BLAST!!!

  4. Oh man I still really wish I was running the ZOOMA half, but I am in no condition to run 13 miles haha. I have a cool race we should do (that I saw on the Chicago Living Bloggers Facebook page): the Rosehill Cemetery Crypt 5K Run & Walk. It's next weekend and it looks so interesting! Eery, creepy, and a very unique experience. Let's do it :)

    1. Yeah, with all of this training I don't know how much longer I'll be in condition to run long-distance races, either. As much as I dislike winter, it is a really good time to heal ourselves up from all that ails us runners!

      Chicago Living Bloggers, eh? I'll have to look that up, as well as the Rosehill Cemetary Crypt 5K. The race sounds very interesting and unique!!!

    2. Oops I meant Chicago Healthy* Living Bloggers Facebook page :) Look into the race! Registration closes on Wednesday.

  5. Bummer about the mad dash :( next year....

    The zooma race looks nice. I kinda wanted to do it, but now especially with the ankle crap, I'm on a race hiatus. I bet you'd have a fun time there volunteering or hanging out if you didn't run.

    Good luck tomorrow for the paws race. I really wanted to go up there with CB, but alas it's about 9 miles from my place and I doubt a cab would take us. Plus I'm not going to run until my ankle is better- or I'll run the Chicago marathon. Whichever comes first :)

    Speaking of which- we need to figure how to meet up at the race and/or expo. We need to get the party started in the 2nd wave!!! :)

    1. Ugh, I am so sorry to hear that your ankle is still bothering you. As much as it sucks, it is good that you are resting it. And I totally hear you on the race hiatus. I am trying desperately to get myself healed up for Chicago but it seems as though I am going through the same injury timing (3 weeks out from race day) as you. Grrrr.

      Oh wow, it would have been awesome to meet up with you and CB at the PAWS race! But it's definitely safer for you to take things easy (if I hadn't signed up for this race a long time ago, I probably wouldn't be running at all this weekend, myself).

      And yes, we need to figure out how to meet up at Chicago! I know that Maggie is working on planning a blogger meetup, too. In general, I think that meeting up at the expo will be easier than the race, since the race will probably be complete madness. Let me know when you have an idea of your expo plans!!! =)