Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fruit coincidences, lemon soles, and quintessential volunteers

I've seen many bloggers partaking in "Three Things Thursday" so here is a contribution to the fun!

Discovering Great Fruit Species (this sounds much more scientific than it really is)
Whenever I go to the grocery store, I usually try to buy at least one new-to-me item every time.  (I try my best for this to be a new type of produce, but often it ends up being a new type of snack food.)  Through this process, a few months ago I realized the awesomeness that is Ambrosia apples.  Now I think that no other apple species even comes close to comparing.  

Ambrosia apples

I had another produce-sampling win yesterday!  I brought home a bag of Rainier cherries and I just love them.  Within less than 18 hours I've nearly finished the entire bag all by myself.

Here's where it gets interesting.  You saw the picture of ambrosia apples above, now check out this picture of Rainier cherries:

Rainier cherries

The resemblance is uncanny!  The Ambrosia apples look just like Rainier cherries without stems, and vice versa.  Coincidence?!?!?

Maybe the produce world is signaling me to seek out all produce species that have this red/yellow blend of coloring (e.g. certain types of heirloom tomatoes, perhaps?) for guaranteed likage!  Now I am on a mission.  =)

Lemon Shoes?
In prior discussions of my running shoe collection, I've mentioned that I have a pair of Brooks Glycerin 8 shoes which I'm not thrilled with.  

Given the rave reviews I've heard about the Glycerin series and about Brooks shoes in general, I am really surprised at myself for not liking them very much.  I think they are pretty but they are not supportive enough for my liking.  It makes me wonder if I got a lemony pair?
Said shoe

I've been trying to salvage them by wearing them just for shorter runs.  They've got about 140 miles on them right now, so they shouldn't be anywhere close to being worn out yet. But the last time I wore them, they felt disturbingly bone-jarring.  Now I have very little desire to wear them for any more running.  So this pair of shoes is probably going to set a new personal mark for my lowest-mileage downgrade/retirement.

Adventures in Volunteering
My new company has quite the interesting volunteer opportunities available.  Most notably, they are looking for employees and their friends/family to volunteer to work concessions at various Soldier Field events. ("Working concessions" happens to mean serving and selling alcohol, so they are looking for folks over age 21, of course.) Examples include a Bon Jovi concert, a Justin Timberlake/Jay Z concert, a Taylor Swift concert, and all Bears home games.  A percentage of the concession stand sales go to charitable causes.

I am intrigued by this type of volunteer opportunity.  I've never been to a Bears home game, and based on my experience at other sporting events I am sure it would have a really fun atmosphere (especially when the transfer of alcohol is involved).

The drawback is that the volunteer shifts are lengthy.  We are talking 9 AM to 4 PM for a Sunday afternoon game.  That is a bit longer than I necessarily want to be on my feet on a weekend day.

Here's another concession stand that agrees:

(The good thing is that most Bears games take place in cooler climates, so there is less potential for melting.) 

I'll be giving this volunteer opportunity some consideration in the coming months.

I asked Adam if he would potentially be interested in volunteering with me if I did go for it. This a lot to ask of him given how much he relishes his football Sundays. He said he would consider it during the Steelers' bye week... but that he couldn't promise that he would/could keep his Steelers loyalties on the down low while at the premises.

I wonder how the organizing group would feel about this.  I mean, a volunteer is still a volunteer, right?  ;-)


  1. So I used to wear Brooks Glycerins and that shoe has the exact same color combo as what I was wearing. In 2011. Maybe it's old? (like brittle?)

    I love Rainer cherries... will have to try the ambrosia apples!

    1. Sigh, you are probably right. I've heard differing thoughts on whether running shoes do or do not still break down over time even if not worn. But there's probably a reason that I was able to get those shoes for like $57 last year. Oh well. Onward to other shoes! =D

      DEFINITELY try the Ambrosia apples whenever you get a chance!!! I think you'd love them, too!!!

  2. The volunteer opportunities sound cool! Hmm, I'll be interested too.

    I used to run in Brooks Glycerin but now find them to be too heavy. Next pair I am getting are the Pure Flows 2 in purple. Such a pretty color.

    1. Zenaida, my company welcomes all volunteers so if you want to do it, let me know and I can get you signed up! Although, Kayla ( tweeted me last night that she's done the concessions volunteer gig in the past and that it is really hard work. Something to take into consideration. =)

      I am getting the sense that purple is your favorite color!!! You've got the Garmin 10 in purple and now the Pure Flows! =D I've heard great things about the Pure Flow series in general. I have a pair of Saucony Kinvaras which are supposed to be in the same design category as the Pure Flows and I love them, too. =)

  3. Random thought about shoes.. they should make sneakers that change color with temperature and moisture!

    I love the word Ambrosia! that'll be my cross dressing Thursday name next week.

    1. Ooooh, Hyper-Color running shoes! Love it! I would also love if they made shoes that changed color to show when it was time to replace them. Kind of like those toothbrushes whose bristles change color.

      LOL on the Ambrosia cross-dressing Thursday name! Too funny!!!!

  4. I think you are just used to the Asics cushioning. Really. Most shoes don't have that much!

    I have to try that kind of apple!

    The volunteer opportunities sound fun!!!!

    1. The more shoes I try, the more the Asics are becoming my standout favorites. Seriously - no other shoe has ever come close to the level of shock absorption that the Asics do. I was having fun trying to experiment with different shoes but I'm learning to stick with the tried-and-true favorites. =)

      Yes, try the Ambrosia apple!!! I think you'd love it!!!

  5. Mmmm, Ambrosia apples. I love 'em but my husband prefers Honey Crisps. He's just a weirdo I guess. Also, I bought Rainer cherries and used them in sangria and then bought some more just to eat because they were SO GOOD.

    I've done volunteer gigs that lasted all day and required me to get up much early than the Soldier Field one does. But, I don't know if serving beer to drunk NFL peeps is high on my list of things to do...

    1. Ahhh, I had forgotten about Honey Crisp apples! Those are really good, too! The Honey Crisps seem to be a little easier to find in grocery stores. I've only ever seen the Ambrosias at Mariano's. Rainier cherries in sangria, WOW!!! That would be dynamite!!!

      What volunteer gigs did you do that lasted all day and began earlier than 9 AM?!?!? You are obviously a much more committed volunteer than I am...!

  6. That sucks about your shoes. I've never worn Brooks before, but my husband just got a pair that he loves! He's had foot issues since our first marathon (it doesn't help that his job requires him to wear boots and march around all the time), and he has had a heck of a time finding a good fit (ha!). Brooks have really been a life-saver for him. But but but every shoe and every foot is different. I hope you find yourself a better pair with all your race craziness coming up!

    1. Thanks, Amy. So true that every shoe and every foot is different - and it seems that even a shoe that once works for you may not ALWAYS work for you. But yay that Stephen found a pair of shoes that he loves!!! He deserves much comfort after spending so much time marching around in boots!!!

  7. Ok I'm finally here with my comment :) The soldier field concessions aren't necessarily HARD work, but its a LONG day and you are exhausted at the end (especially if your not used to being on your feet for 8 hours at a time). I only did it once. Our pharmacy frat just started doing it last while I was on rotations so I was only available to do it once (and it was a preseason game). We had a stand that sold pizza and I didn't feel like doing the cash register since I wouldn't be volunteering again so I cut and boxed pizzas as they came out of the oven the entire game. That being is tiring and a long day but its very good money for the organization. It was also always very important to have everyone show up and on time otherwise if you were short people they would take money out of your earnings to pay someone else to work in your stand (I think). I also heard its a new company running the concessions this year so it may be a little different. But that is basically what I remember from the experience. :)

    1. Wow. Thank you so much for providing this insight, Kayla. I am definitely not used to being on my feet all day anymore and it does sound like it would be exhausting. You cut and boxed pizzas for 8 hours straight!?!?!? You probably never wanted to look at pizzas ever again after that!!! =D The biggest question is whether you would choose to do this volunteer gig again? I have to admit that it is not sounding like a slam dunk for me, only because of the length of the shift...

    2. I would do it again...depending on the organization. For my frat...yes I would. I cut and boxed pizzas for probably 4 or 5 of the hours. Before and after you have to take counts of cups/boxes/supplies etc and then clean up after. It is a long day for sure and I wouldn't do it all the time but if I was around I could probably handle 2-3 times a year.

    3. Cutting and boxing pizzas for 4-5 hours still sounds like a lot of work! Then to add doing inventory counts and cleaning up afterwards? I have a lot more respect now for all the stadium employees that do this type of work every week!!!