Thursday, June 4, 2015


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Channeling My Inner Spiderwoman
Last night, Luna Bar hosted a soiree at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago. Prior to yesterday, I've only gone wall-climbing once, back when I was in college. What an adventure it was to try again!

Here's a picture of me getting my climb on:
Wall-climbing and bouldering are a lot harder than they look. My arms, back, and especially my hands are all killer sore today. Suddenly it's become difficult to do the little things like open door handles or use soap dispensers. After I got out of the shower this morning, it was a real challenge trying to squeeze the water out of my hair. Yowza!

On a side note, the Brooklyn Boulders Chicago facility is amazing and ENORMOUS. They offer many more fitness options beyond just wall-climbing, too. It is very cool.

Many thanks to Luna Bar and Brooklyn Boulders for the awesome event!

More shoes
I think I may have found a new favorite running shoe. Hello, Saucony Ride 7!
If you're keeping track, my first running shoe love was the Asics Gel Cumulus. I wasn't thrilled with one of the most recent iterations of the Cumulus, which led me to the Mizuno Wave Rider. The Wave Rider is much firmer, which makes me feel like I am more in control of my footstep. However, when doing long runs, I do feel that the firmness can be a little harder on the joints down the stretch. The Saucony Ride is more similar to the Cumulus than the Wave Rider, but is firmer than the Cumulus with more forefoot cushioning.

I am liking the Ride so much that when I saw a ridiculous bargain for them on Amazon, I picked up another pair (shhhhhh...). I've decided that it is imperative to always own a pair of red running shoes. Check out this gorgeousness:
This past weekend, I was in Chinatown and stopped at one of the Asian grocery stores. On a whim, I bought a box of these seaweed snack packs:
I love the saltiness and crunch! I figured it would take me awhile to get through the box of 16, but I'm already a third of the way through. These might become a new regular on the snack list.

Blackhawks Talk
How about the Hawks' stunning come-from-behind victory last night? Someone on Twitter said, "That was such a Blackhawks thing to do" and I couldn't agree more. The Hawks really have a flare for the dramatic.

I love love LOVED watching Crawford and Vermette doing their post-game press conference in French. I could listen to them speak en Francais ALL day long!

Also, check out this clip of Oduya giving some helpful shoves to Seabrook after Seabs lost a skate blade:

Finally, Teuvo Teravainen looked awesome last night. What an amazing prospect we have in him! He looks like he is about 15 years old, though. He and Brandon Saad are only two years apart in age, but Brandon looks about 20 years older. To illustrate:
Left: Teuvo
Right: Brandon
Two years apart in age, a world of difference in appearance!
Hello Summertime!
  • Tops on my summer to-do list this year is to try the outdoor yoga at Millennium Park on Saturday mornings. I've actually started about a LOT of outdoor yoga offerings across the city during the summer. My plan is to try out as many as I can squeeze into the schedule. (I am working on a post about my summer to-do's. I'm hoping to share it within the next week or so.)
  • I am on the fence about getting a summer pool pass at the Chicago Park District. I do enjoy swimming, but it takes more prep work than running. When it comes down to it, I'm not sure if I'll have enough initiative to go swimming on a regular basis?
  • Adam has a new Divvy membership! I am super excited to share city explorations with him using the Divvy bikes. It's going to be so much easier to go to festivals, the lakefront, and other shindigs now that we can both Divvy to and from!

What's new with you? Favorite snacks? Biggest plans for the summer? Did you watch the Hawks last night? Current shoes? Too many questions?


  1. Yay, Blackhawks win! Here's hoping they get to win on home ice! I'd never heard of Teuvo Teravainen until last night, but I guess he stole the show! That video is hilarious of Oduya shoving Seabs! :)

    1. It would be amazing if the Hawks clinched the championship on home ice! It was mayhem already when they clinched on the road, can you imagine what it would be like if they won at the UC!?!? Yes - Teuvo has really sprung onto the scene this year. He's VERY young so he's got a TON of future potential. Oduya shoving Seabs is one of the best examples of teamwork I've ever seen in my life. =)

    2. It will be Crazy with a capital C! Also, why do their skates fall apart? Not good advertising for Bauer or whoever makes them!

    3. I was talking to Adam about that same question last night. He thinks that Seabs blocked a shot with his skate blade. And when a puck hits your blade at 95 MPH, it could very well get knocked off. =D

  2. It's the beard that makes Brandon Saad look so much older.

    1. Agreed! Brandon grows a really nice, thick beard whereas Teuvo has quite the baby face!

  3. WAIT STOP. You were at BKB on Wednesday?! I was at BKB on Wednesday! I can't believe I missed you! I saw all the Luna people--you were all hogging the autobelay route I wanted to climb :P --, but I totally missed you. Man! I'm bummed I didn't see you! I love that place, though. If I had the financial means to do it, I'd go way more often. I really enjoy climbing, and BKB is just top notch.

    1. WHAT? You were there too on Wednesday!?!?!? That is craziness!!! I am bummed that I missed you, too! That night I just barely ran into Erica A and Susie L, who were also there for the Luna event. Luna had us split out into several groups, so there were probably other CRBs there that we missed, too. Speaking of hogging the autobelay route, that's exactly where I was in my picture. =D Gosh, that climbing is something else. My fore-arms are still killer sore two days later! And is there no fitness pursuit that you don't do?!?!? You run, you dance, you do November project, and now I find that you climb. Go get 'em!

  4. I want to try climbing again! I bet I would still stink at it, but it's fun! :)

    You and your on-going perfect shoe hunt. I am not sure I can ever believe you've found the one! LOL!!!! :P

    I did yoga at Millennium Park once with my snis and we really enjoyed it! I hope you get to go!

    1. I have so much more respect for climbers now that I know how hard it really is. WOW.

      I think the shoe manufacturers are overcomplicating things for me. I loved the Cumulus 13, but not so much the 15. If ASICS had stuck with the 13 model, I wouldn't be on the constant lookout for the perfect shoe! Sigh.