Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things I would blog about if I had the time (part trois)

During periods of peak schedule-disastrousness, I wrote this post and this post about all the things I would blog about if I had the time.

Time for part trois. Today's post is brought to you by the number three.

  1. I finally joined Instagram! My handle is Emmers712. (NOTE: I'm still trying to learn the ropes, so I've been a little sporadic with it so far.)
  2. I caved in and registered for the Soldier Field 10-Miler for the first time. This race is expensive but consistently draws rave reviews from everyone that has done it in the past. Time for me to find out for myself.
  3. I just got a discount code for the Fort2Base race (F2BSHAMROCK, good until April 11). This race is 10 nautical miles (about 11.5 miles) and it sounds AWESOME. If it weren't for the complex race logistics, I'd definitely sign up.
  4. My first race of 2014 - the Race That's Good For Life 5K - is this Sunday. I've never been a fan of the 5K distance in general, and the nerves are starting to set in.
  5. Through my company, I'll be running the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge for the first time. In my entire career, I've never worked for a company that participated in the Challenge until this year. Excited!
  6. Half marathon training has been going okay. I've been reasonably consistent, but there is definitely room for improvement. The nerves are starting to set in here, as well, in addition to a lack of confidence.
  7. Despite some long-time apprehension, I finally tried acupuncture for the first time with good results. I'm going for my second acupuncture session tonight with Vanitha.
  8. Things are not looking promising to me for the Blackhawks right now. It's quite a blow to have both Tazer and Kaner out for the rest of the regular season with injury.
  9. My nephew is going to visit UIUC next weekend as a prospective student! I'm doing what I can to sway his decision in that direction. =) Thanks go out to Shane for helping arrange a host student for his visit, too!
  10. In terms of some upcoming weekend trips, Adam and I are going to Pittsburgh next month for the Steelers Fan Blitz. I'm also hoping to leverage a business trip that Adam is scheduled to take to San Diego in June (I've already got a local race in mind for that weekend!)
  11. I still hope to do some recap of my vacation from a few weeks ago, despite the fact that so much time has already passed since then.
More to come, hopefully soon!


  1. Wow, I did not realize that Kane was out for the season! Will he be back for the playoffs. Don't worry too much about the 5k, it's over before you know it! :)

    1. Yes, thankfully Kaner and Tazer will both be back for the playoffs. But having them both out for the rest of the regular season means the team is pretty much going to go with the status quo for playoff seeding. Yes, it's better to have a healthy Kane and Toews with a lower playoff seed versus a higher seed with an injured Kane and Toews, but still. Not an ideal situation.

      That is definitely true about 5Ks being over quickly (except during mile 2, when it feels about as awful as can be, LOL). The nice thing about 5Ks is that they don't require a ton of preparation in the days beforehand, right? No need to worry too much about prerace fueling, hydration, sleep, etc. =D

  2. I am worried about the Hawks as well.
    You will enjoy Soldier 10. It's really well done. My body always appreciates it being over at 10 because at that point it's expecting a half. I'll be there for a third time.
    F2B is good too, but when I did it parking was a Bear and I made it to the start with barely seconds to spare.

    1. Sigh on the Hawks. Here's hoping things change for them in the post-season!

      Yay on Soldier Field 10! I am with you on liking the 10-mile distance more than the half marathon. Usually the 10-mile mark of a half marathon is when it starts to get really tough, so it's nice to be done at that point. =) Glad that you will be there again this year and hopefully we can meet up amidst the massive crowds!

      I've heard many horror stories about F2B race logistics and folks barely making it to the start line! That scares me a bit. But I am really glad that you did make it in time!

  3. I ran F2B last year and had zero problems with race logistics! They've really gotten their act together now. They have to if they want to be a CARA Circuit Race!

    Will your company have a tent and everything at the Challenge? I hope the weather is good this year. I'd rather be too warm during the race since that means it will be warm enough to hang out at our tent and drink beer afterward :-)

    1. Erin, that is great to hear that F2B went so smoothly last year! This ups the ante for me wanting to run it now. Did you drive up there from the city on the morning of the race or did you stay somewhere nearby the night before?

      YES! My company will indeed have a tent at the Challenge and my coworkers say that it's a really fun gathering. You'll be running it again this year too, yes? Will definitely have to try to meet up there!

      Speaking of meeting up, what's our plan for this weekend's 5K? It sounds like there's a good number of CRBs who will be running, are we doing a blogger meet-up?!?!?

  4. Woo hoo! Have a fun time at the 5K! I wish I was there with you guys. I ended up having family in town.

    I am doing SF for the first time this year, too! My bestie and her husband are coming from TX to run it. I have heard such good things. I can't wait to see what it's like.

    And I can't wait to hear about your trips! And I'd like to hear more about acupuncture. I think that is something I would enjoy. Or something that would calm me.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Happy Friday to you, too! Bummer that the timing didn't work out for you to be there this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

      I remember seeing on your blog that you, Gina, and Steve are running SF10 this year, too! We will definitely have to meet up. And it would be awesome to meet Gina and Steve in person, after all I've heard about them! =)

      I think you'd like acupuncture, too. I tried it because I am still struggling with my knee problems, and was told it could help. It did! We'll definitely have to talk more about it the next time we catch up!!!!

    2. Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing my bro! :)

      Yes! You will have to meet them! Steven will be there with Luca, too :)

      Oh man. I am sorry to hear that about your knee, but happy it helped! Maybe we can get a lunch date going, soon! :)

    3. When was the last time you saw your brother? Any big plans for the weekend while he's here?

      Oooooh, Luca with Steven!!! Even more exciting!

      We are long overdue for a lunch date! What days do you work downtown nowadays?

    4. The last time I saw him was in Jan! We are going to hang out for a bit at night then I have to take him to the airport! A short visit on my end but I am happy to see him :)

      I am downtown every Wednesday, but often other days too, so I bet we can find a date! :) Um... if I get to take a lunch break :)

    5. I hear you on the availability of lunch breaks! This week is pretty busy for me, but my schedule should start opening up a bit next week. So please let me know if any of the next few weeks looks good for you!!!

  5. I ran the Fort2Base last year. It was a great race!