Sunday, February 14, 2016

Training week recap: Feb 8-14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who watched the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials yesterday? I got together with Xaarlin and Vicky to watch and had a blast!

I could write an entire post about the trials, but in semi-short:
  • I was completely blown away by Galen Rupp's breakout performance
  • Loved seeing Meb Keflezighi and Desiree Linden hamming it up in the final stretch
  • Was heartbroken for Dathan Ritzenhein and Kara Goucher
  • Got tears in my eyes watching Shalane Flanagan fighting through her distress and collapsing after crossing the finish line
  • Had so much appreciation for Amy Cragg's loyalty to Flanagan during those final miles
  • Wish Deena Kastor had been able to participate
*deep breath*
After watching the trials, I felt so inspired to go running! But that feeling instantly dissipated when I stepped outside into the single-digit temperatures, LOL.

Back to reality, here's how my week went:

MONDAY: 10 minute warm-up on stationary bike, 45 minutes of weight-lifting
TUESDAY: Yoga class (45 minutes), plus run 3.1 miles on treadmill
WEDNESDAY: Zumba class, 45 minutes
FRIDAY: Run 3 miles of 2-minute incline intervals on treadmill at Levels 0-6, plus 30 minutes of weight-lifting
SATURDAY: Yoga video, 40 minutes
SUNDAY: Run 5 miles on treadmill - 10 minute warm-up, 3:1:1 run/Level 5 incline/walk ratio

Notice the weirdly timed rest day on Thursday? After writing about my running shoe availability issue on Thursday, I ended up not even running that day. I kept procrastinating. As I was finally planning to go, I got pulled into a meeting. I had after-work plans to meet up with Erin and Margaret, and when my meeting ended there wasn't enough time to run. Oops!
No problemo, I'm all about flexible training schedules. I also made sure to bring shoes in the next day. =)

The stepback in mileage this week came at the right time. Going into the weekend, I was thinking I wanted to do more, but it ended up being a relief to not have to worry about squeezing in a lengthy run. I did still challenge myself by including some hillwork with today's 5-miler. It was tough, as always, but I felt good afterwards.

I finally bought a pair of lifting gloves. I was tired of dealing with hand callouses from weight-lifting. I tried the gloves on Friday for the first time. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. The gloves made me feel like I had a less stable and less controlled grip on the bars. I could still feel friction on my hands, too, especially where the gloves bunched up under my knuckles.

From a functional standpoint, the gloves are a toss-up. Admittedly, though, I do like how bad-ass they make me feel from an appearance standpoint!
I've got another new song playing on repeat repeat repeat! I recently discovered the Chicago Blackhawks Radio Station on Pandora (what an ingenius idea!) From there, I found this awesome remix of U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name":
It was played at the 2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. I don't remember hearing it back then, but when I listen to it now I can easily visualize the ensuing grandeur. Such a fun twist on a classic song!

How was your weekend?
Last night, Adam and I went to the Blackhawks game and tonight we are going to see Cabaret. Many, many thanks to him for my V-Day gift, which included a very cute box of "Emily's Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies." So clever! Here is a picture.

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  1. Love, love the picture on procrastination. Where do you find this clever stuff? I forgot to watch the Olympic Trials. I just did. Your lifting gloves remind me of my water skiing gloves. You absolute have to wear them (unless you want to draw blood) but then my grip is not as good. I'm glad you didn't stress over the lower mileage. As a coworker says "It's all good!" Thanks for linking with us Emily!

    1. LOL, thanks HoHo! Google is quite the resource when it comes to funny images. I've had similar experiences with water skiing gloves - I think my forearms get more sore when I wear the gloves because it changes your grip mechanics! "It's all good" indeed and lower mileage really helps from a mental standpoint. Thanks again for co-hosting the link-up, as always!!!

  2. My coach will NOT let me use gloves. To her, calluses are a badge of honor. I did have to start taking my wedding ring off. It got flattened out by the bar and I had to get it fixed. Who knew?

    1. Oh wow, your coach sounds hard core! Both of you probably have many badges of honor in all forms of fitness, yes? =) OMG on the wedding ring - glad you were able to get it fixed! That would be terrifying, but clearly you are lifting some very heavy weight that it would be able to flatten your ring!!!

  3. I totally love the procrastination photo!! I need that for my office door. Great synopsis of the trials. I didn't watch live but followed coverage. One of my friends was out there this weekend for the LA marathon. So cool. Have a great week!

    1. LOL, I need to put that photo up in my office, too!!! Thanks, Kelli. How cool your friend was in LA during the trials, I had a couple of friends out there too and can only imagine what the atmosphere would be like. Would love to get to watch the trials the day before running my own marathon. It would be so inspiring!!! I hope you have a great week, too!!!

  4. Hmm, maybe you could try chalk instead of gloves? I still get calluses but the bar doesn't slip as much with chalk so they aren't as bad.

    1. Chalk probably would work better. Unfortunately, nobody and I mean NOBODY in my company's gym uses it, and I think the cleaning staff would frown on it. So I'd probably have to try it at a third-party gym.

  5. I got my run done before the marathon trials so I wouldn't feel so bad sitting on the couch. I would get up every now and then to foam roll and stretch a little bit. I was pulling for both Ritz and Kara and was disappointed for them both.

    1. Great idea to finish the run in advance! Then you can just sit back and enjoy with a clear conscience. =) Good idea to foam roll while watching. SO heartbreaking for both Ritz and Kara!!! It's so competitive!!!

  6. If I didn't make myself get my run don't in the morning before work I know so many things would stop me in the afternoons! Plus 90% of the time if it's going to rain here it's going to rain in the afternoon. Course I got caught in that 10% on Monday but maybe since I have a half coming up I didn't need to run 3 times this week! Thanks for linking up with us!!!

    1. I admire your dedication to run in the morning before work! It's hard enough for me to wake up on time just to get ready for work, let alone even earlier to work out. But the rain would definitely be a good motivator to make sure you avoid it. Good luck on your upcoming half, I can't wait to hear about it. Thanks again as always for co-hosting the link-up!