Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly recap: May 16-22, 2016

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend! As usual, it was tough for me to get back into the swing of the work routine this morning. However, I walked to work without a jacket today for the first time since last fall! That made me really happy.
Here are my workouts from last week:
MONDAY - HIIT Core class, strength work on biceps, triceps, and chest
TUESDAY - Run 4 miles on treadmill, yoga class
WEDNESDAY - Zumba class, strength work on quads, hamstrings, and glutes
THURSDAY - 3 miles of speedwork on treadmill (10 minute warm-up, 7 intervals at 2:1 tempo/recovery ratio with tempos done between 7.8-8.0 MPH (7:30-7:41 pace) and recovery at 3.5 MPH (17:08 pace).
FRIDAY - 10 minutes on stationary bike, lift for 40 minutes
SATURDAY - Run 6 miles

The HIIT Core class was killer. It was one of the toughest fitness classes I'd ever taken. The entire 50-minute class was comprised of 40-second core exercise intervals with (only) 10-second rest intervals. I was ready to die about halfway through. It hurt to get out of bed the next morning, and my abs were on fire for two whole days. Good lord. If I ever have the courage to do this class again, I'll definitely be bracing myself big-time!
Running notes:
  • My left knee has started acting up. I've been experiencing twinges of pain when I bend or straighten my knee in certain ways. Over the past few weeks, I haven't been logging very many miles. However, I have stepped up my speedwork. The pain may also be attributable to running in shoes that are close to retirement. This week I'm going to try wearing newer shoes and taking the running down a notch.
  • I'll be in the DC area over Memorial Day weekend. I was planning to run the MCRRC Memorial 4-Miler on Monday. It's a super low-key race. Registration (which is a mere $10) is available only on race-day starting an hour before the event. This is really convenient, especially because I am now considering skipping the race. I want to play it safe with my knee, plus the weekend's forecasted high temps will be in the upper 80s.
  • The weather was gorgeous for my 6-miler on Saturday morning. I originally planned to run 5, but decided to add an extra mile since I felt good. Then, I ended up having to push myself in that last mile, much more than expected. It is amazing how quickly things can change.
From a nonrunning perspective, here are a few noteworthy occurrences from the week:

Red Square
I had heard that Artemi Panarin likes a local restaurant called Red Square. This is a Russian and Turkish bathhouse/spa and restaurant/bar in Wicker Park that serves traditional Russian food. I'd been wanting to check it out for a really long time, and last week I finally crossed it off my list!
Top: The dining room is designed like a Ukrainian railcar,
and the "windows" show video footage of the Russian countryside.
Bottom Left: The most amazing cheese blintzes I've ever had,
served with sour cream and cherry sauce.
Bottom middle: Veal pelmeni
Bottom right: A "small" bowl of hot borscht
Not pictured: A giant platter of lox
The food and service were both fantastic. I am now inspired to find a blintz recipe and try making them at home. There were several menu items I eyed but ended up being too full to try, including the chebureki (deep-fried turnovers) and varenyky (dumplings). Also, I have heard much about the bathhouse/spa facilities, but didn't get a chance to check out those out, either. All things to keep in mind for next time!

Wedding bells are tolling
Many congratulations to Helanne and Ravee on their wedding this past weekend! What an amazing celebration. Great friends, great festivities, great music, and great food. So. Much. Food.

Here are a few action shots from the night:
The head table
First dance
Me with the beautiful bride
Sunday Funday
My mom's birthday is today! Yesterday, Adam and I went to visit my parents and do a birthday celebration. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Mom!

Last night, I met up with my friends Myhien and Jules for dinner. Myhien moved out to California several years ago and is in town for a few days on business.
From L to R: me, Myhien, and Jules
I hadn't seen Myhien in nearly two years, and I can't even remember the last time I saw Jules. It was awesome to catch up with these two fabulous ladies and to welcome Myhien back home (albeit temporarily)! Terrific way to close out the weekend.

Tell me about your week or weekend? Did anyone race? Do you have big plans for Memorial Day weekend?

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  1. Sending lots of birthday wishes! Sounds like you had a great week. I hope your knee is feeling better soon! I had a wonky knee last week too!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! Bummed to hear you are experiencing wonky knee issues, too. I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

  2. A 50 minute HITT? wow!! that's rough! You are super strong to do that!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    I hope new shoes will help fix that knee pain!

    1. Second the comment above about your knee! Fingers crossed for you.

    2. Ana, thank you! In all seriousness, had I known how hard the class was going to be, I don't know if I would have attended. I was ready to die but the instructor just kept going and going! Appreciate your words of positivity. =)

      Natalie, thank you - I appreciate the well wishes!

  3. Silly knee! I find that too much speedwork tends to aggravate my left hip/knee, too. So, I try to alternate treadmill speedwork with bike speedwork.

    That race, though, is a nice way to do things since you can decide day-of.

    Speaking of races, you're doing the Super Sunny 5K, aren't you? I just signed up today. I signed up "with dog" but have to decide if Chewie will be joining us or not.

    As for this past weekend, I went down to CU to see my parents, help my mom with some yard work, and do a 56 mile bike ride. It was so much fun to ride in my hometown. I'd never really ridden while I lived there and it was fun to see it from a different perspective.

    Jason his racing his car on Sunday and I'll go take pictures but otherwise we have no Memorial Day plans.

    1. Ahhh, I remember you mentioning you do interval training on the stair climber, too, yes? Our silly knees and hips, indeed! On that note, I might try a spin class this week since that is some serious interval work. Yes, thank goodness the 4-miler is a day-of registration only! I am all about no frills and not having to commit months in advance.

      YES on Super Sunny! That's awesome that you signed up! Want to carpool? Let me know what you decide on Chewie joining. =)

      I saw your photo from your bike ride over the weekend! How cool that you got to do a quality bike ride in your hometown. The scenery really does have a different perspective when seen from a bike, yes? Sounds like you had a very productive visit.

      You must be super excited to have a relatively clear calendar for Memorial Day weekend! It's nice to be able to relax and do what you want, when you want. =) I love 3-day weekends!

    2. Yep! Stair climber intervals are a different beast but I like them when I'm not feeling like pounding my joints but also don't want to find the motivation to push myself on the bike.

  4. Oh no! I hope your knee gets better soon! I must try Red Square! I wonder if that's the same bathhouse John Belushi used to hang out at?

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Pete! I did a quick google search on Belushi at Red Square and couldn't find specific mentions, but I did see that it was visited by Al Capone, Russell Crowe, and Jesse Jackson. That's pretty cool! If you do check it out, I would love to hear about your experience!

  5. New shoes always seem to help my small aches and pains. Those aches tell me when it's time for new ones. I have a busy Saturday this weekend, but then only have plans to go see Alice Through the Looking Glass either Sunday or Monday.

    1. Glad to hear the new shoes help out with your small aches and pains! I'm fairly injury prone so sometimes it's hard for me to ascertain whether it's the shoes and/or just other issues. But amen for being able to test out new shoes and thereby isolate the variables, yes? Ooooh - Alice Through the Looking Glass looks very intriguing - please do share your thoughts after you've seen it!

  6. That restaurant sounds amazing. I love how they made it a railcar with. A view!
    Too bad you're not running the 4 miler in DC. $10 is a great price for a race. Hopefully you'll still have a great time and it will give your knee time to rest!

    1. The restaurant's designers are super creative! I love the railcar with the view, too! Yes, $10 is an OUTSTANDING price for a race so I am bummed to potentially be missing it. Sigh on these long-term investments for our health! Thank you!

  7. You make me feel lazy after seeing your workouts for the week! Way to go! Also, there were lots of weddings this past weekend on facebook! Tis the season!

    1. Thanks Amanda! And I always feel lazy when I read about all you triathletes and your training regimens. Not to mention that you are still recovering from your shoulder work! It's all relative. =) Yes, 'tis the season for weddings! Memorial Day weekend will be another big one, I am sure!

  8. How dare you knee give you trouble! Hopefully, the problem resolves quickly. Maybe you'll get to participate in the $10 (!) race! I don't think I've had Russian food. It sounds delicious. We don't have big plans for Memorial Day. We'll hang out in the back yard and hopefully go to the lake one day. Have fun in DC. Thanks for linking with us Emily.

    1. How dare both of our bodies give us trouble, right? We are runners are we are not supposed to experience any injury!!! Sigh. Hanging out at home, going to the lake, and going water-skiing (you are the skiing queen!) would be the perfect Memorial Day weekend to me. Thanks for co-hosting the link-up with Tricia, as always!

  9. I hope the rest and new shoes help your knee! I wonder if some of the moves in the HIIT class aggravated it, too? Did you seriously have no more than 10 secs of rest for the whole class?! EEK!

    1. Thanks Kim! It is possible the HIIT aggravated things - we did a series of lunges, and I know form makes a big difference on those. Since I was tired, I may not have had the best form. And yes - other than one break of about 60 seconds halfway through the class, we did not have more than 10 seconds of rest during the entire HIIT sequence. KILLER!!!!!

  10. Isn't it amazing how quickly things can turn roller-coasterish? I wish you a speedy recovery with your inner knee! I am glad the rain has finally stopped for you, and that you have a clear long weekend with lots of rest and relaxation! Big hugs, my friend!!!

  11. Yay for no jackets and that HIIT core class does sound killer! I did a kettle bell class that was pretty intense with less rest but it was only 30 minutes thankfully!
    Thank you for linking up with us! Have a super weekend!