Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keyword accusations, and calling all Mizuno fans

My ever-expanding collection of running shoes continues to ooze insanity in my closet.  I think it's gotten to the point where my blog is triggering clandestine keyword intelligence search alerts to purveyors of running shoes all across the galaxy.  I'm sure I am also triggering keyword search warnings for endangered deep dish pizza afficionados (and the cheese manufacturers that love them).

We'll talk in more detail another day about the search keywords that lead to my blog.  But here is a recent sampling:

"Chicago deep dish pizza"
"Lou Malnati's"
"Too many carrots"
"Placebo effect"

I'm no psychologist, but I see some funny potential interpretations of these key words.  Interestingly, most other bloggers' search keywords are complete doozies.  Not me!


Add the "dun-dun" sound from Law & Order

Back to me being a very targetable demographic for running shoes.  The folks at Mizuno have launched a campaign called the Mezamashii Run Project.  (The word "mezamashii" means "eye-opening" or "brilliant" in Japanese.  In this context it is meant to capture the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run (which, incidentally, I haven't experienced for quite awhile...but that's yet another topic for another day).)

Mizuno is inviting runners to receive a FREE pair of shoes and join their community (which gets you early access to product launches and Mizuno events).


If you are a fan of Mizunos, then go check it out.  You can apply for an invitation if you're interested.

Personally, I used my shoe sleuthing skills to buy a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 15s several months ago, and they are great!  So I am all over a potential opportunity to try more Mizunos.  =D

The Wave Rider 15

In the meantime, maybe I will work on my own campaign to strategically change the search keywords that lead to my blog.  I will focus more on including words in my blog that I WANT searches to lead to.  Ask and you shall receive, right? 

OK, here goes:
Lottery winner!
Lottery winner!
World peace!
Lottery winner!
Lottery winner!


  1. LOL! I have not looked at my keywords in forever! I wonder what they say!

    Another blogger told me about the Mizuno project and I ordered my pair last Friday! I got trail shoes... I can't wait to try them!

    1. Oooh, the search keywords can be great fodder for some interesting discussions! I look forward to someday hearing more about your keywords.

      How awesome that you got a pair of free Mizunos! I have my fingers crossed that I will be one of their lucky recipients, too. Definitely let me know how the Mizuno trail shoes are (especially since I know you are usually an Asics girl)!!!

    2. Sigh, I feel like such a shoe slut!

    3. No such thing when it comes to running shoes. I think it's very important to try different brands and styles so you can ascertain what works best for you. This will lead to you being the best possible athlete possible!

      (Btw, my current running shoe collection includes Nikes, Asics, Mizunos, Brooks, and Sauconys! How's that for experimentation? ;) )

  2. Such "tame" keywords! Haha

    Some of my keywords are "bum drinking 40's" and hot links with pasta.

    I just got an invite for the mizuno this week and ordered some elixir 7's. I'm sooo excited to try them out.

    1. Bum drinking 40's and hot links with pasta, eh? Being a more recent follower of your blog, now I am inspired to read some of your older postings to find out the source for those! :D

      That's so awesome that you got a pair of free Mizunos, too! (Fingers crossed again that I'll be one of the recipients.) Those Elixir 7s look AWESOME - I love love LOVE the almost animal-print design on them. Definitely let me know how you like them!!!

  3. I applied! I'm crossing my fingers! My last two (awesome) pairs of running shoes were both Mizuno's. I'm a believer. I also need to ditch my current pair as they are past their prime. I just can't bring myself to part with them yet. I never enter online contests, ever, but I really want to get in on this one! Thanks for posting about it!*

    1. YAY!!!!!! I remember you have blue running shoes, which I think are gorgeous (I am a huge fan of non-white running shoes!). Were those Wave Rider 15s? Or what kind of Mizunos do you wear?

      FINGERS CROSSED that both of us are winning recipients!!!!!