Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rainy Runner Photo Challenge and Take Time Tuesday #4

In the interest of very limited time today, I'm going to take care of both Maggie's Runner Photo Challenge and Katie's Take Time Tuesday in one fell swoop.

Let's start with Maggie's Runner Photo Challenge.  This week's theme is: RAIN.  Very apropos!

For this, I'll share a quick before-and-after picture.

Happy soccer players!

Happy seagulls!

On a side note, I chuckled to myself when I wrote the "before and after." It reminded me of my friend Peter, who once said that one of his hobbies is being a "before" model.  LOL.

Next, we'll tackle Katie's Take Time Tuesday, where each Tuesday you list things that you are grateful for.

I am grateful for:
  • Having no flood damage
  • Adam's wealth of levelheadedness, knowledge, and patience
  • The unconditional support of all of my friends and family
  • Having better days to make up for the crappy days
  • A great session on the recumbant bike last night where I felt a noticeable improvement in glute strength
  • NOT training for a marathon this year
  • The fun of buying a new and different ingredient or food to try every time I go to the grocery store.  I tried a bottled green smoothie last week and liked it much more than I thought it would, considering it looked like green sludge.
  • Setting personal goals for which I am accountable only to myself, and therefore being able to change those goals as needed!
  • Clearing out a lot of household items, clothing, and shoes for donation to a good cause.  I love reducing clutter and getting rid of excess stuff.
  • Getting enough sleep, yet waking up before the alarm clock goes off.
  • Seeing glimpses of spring weather today, even if only for about an hour!

Live Half Full


  1. update it to not training for a marathon YET! Right right?

    1. You are too funny. =) And yes, if I can stay injury-free for the next few months, you are absolutely correct. =)

  2. haha nice pictures! today I drove to work and my route goes over the Des Plaines River and HOLY MOLY is it high!!!! luckily the road I take to go over it was not closed but if the rain keeps up, I'm a little nervous it will be.

    1. Thanks, Maggie. I have been seeing all the flood warnings for the Des Plaines River and know of several businesses that have had to close because of the floods. It's scary! Praying that you won't be impacted by the flooding!!!

  3. I like this hybrid post! A true party!

    1. Thanks, Katie. What's great about these blog linkups is that they provide easy topics on those tough days. =D Party on!!!