Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Take Time Tuesday Part Deux

Aloha, Tuesday!  This also means Part Deux for me of Katie's Take Time Tuesday linkup, where each Tuesday you share some things that you are grateful for.

Live Half Full
In today's episode of Take Time Tuesday, I am grateful for the following: 
A reasonable commute
Throughout my career I've had a few instances where I had to do some really brutal commutes.  Now, I have the option to either drive or bus to work, which is fantastic.  If I drive it takes about 20 minutes.  If I bus, my door-to-door is between 35-45 minutes - but on the bus it's nice to be able to just zone out and listen to music or surf the net on my phone. 
Although, on a side note, I cut down on surfing the net on my phone while riding the bus because it gives me motion sickness.  My MP3 player ran out of battery this morning, though, so today I rode the bus without anything to keep me "occupied."  I was sitting in one of those sideways-facing seats, too.  So I was sitting there a little awkwardly, not wanting to accidentally stare at any of the folks sitting around me but not sure where else to look.  Ahh, bus-rider protocol.
The great running shoe debate
Oops, I did it again.  Last week Road Runner Sports hosted a Chicago Running Bloggers party.  (Since I haven't had time to write about it myself, check out Erin's terrific event recap here.)  While at the event, I indulged myself in yet another pair of running shoes. 
Yes, I need another pair of running shoes like I need a hole in the head.  But just look at them!  How could anyone resist anything so fabulous?
The Mizuno Wave Rider 16
While we're on this topic, I've been trying to build mileage on my Brooks Glycerin 8 shoes as I hope to retire them next from my rotation.  I've generally found them to be a bit too soft for my liking, but had been sticking with them anyways the past few weeks.  This past Sunday on a whim I decided to wear my Asics Gel Cumulus 13 shoes instead - and wow, what a world of difference.  The Asics really do work so much better for me than the Brooks.  I'll probably only wear the Brooks for short runs now.
All in all, I am grateful to be able to indulge myself on running shoes and to be able to have fun experimenting with different kinds.  (I am also grateful for all of the places/races that allow you to donate your used running shoes for a better cause than just taking up space in landfills!)
The best times of my life are always ahead of me
Finally, I am grateful for having so many things to look forward to right now.  There are several upcoming trips to visit family, several big milestone birthday celebrations in the works, the weather is getting more and more springlike by the day, I've got some super fun races on the calendar including a trip to Disney in November, and my beloved Blackhawks just punched their ticket to the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Life is good.


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog post!

    Also, I get motion sick if I try to read on the bus or train, too. Every so often I forget my headphones and then I, too, have to figure out how to people watch without being that weirdo who stares at others.

    1. When I don't have something else to look at, I definitely just stare at people. #noshame.

    2. I started thinking that dark sunglasses might be a good tool for those days when you don't have headphones or something else to look at! Except when it's dark out, of course. But then, is it creepier to wear sunglasses at night or to just stare? =D

  2. Thanks for linking up! Those sideways seats on the bus are always pretty awkward. Love the visual!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link-up, as per usual! Yeah, it's always a tossup between whether to

      1) Sit on an awkward sideways seat but able to exit more easily
      2) Sit on an inner seat where you have to ask someone to move when you need to get off
      3) Sit on an outer seat where you get asked to move if the inner-seat passenger needs to get off.

      So complicated, eh? LOL

  3. Boo to your ipod quitting on you in the bus!

    Those look like some pretty sweet kicks you got at RRS!

    YAY for upcoming trips & Family visits :) How are ya feeling about the 10 miler? I'll try to go out and spectate if its close by to my usual running grounds :)

    1. That was a super sweet outfit and kicks that you Shamrocked in yourself!!!

      I'm not feeling great about the 10-miler, unfortunately. My conditioning and distance were much better last year at this time than now. But, last year's weather was horrible so maybe this year it'll be much better to make up for it. Please do come spectate if you can, it would be fantastic to see you out on the course!!! =D

  4. your optimism is making ME optimistic! :)

    1. And your inspirational work is inspiring me!!! Way to go on your DC lobbywork!!!!!

  5. bummer about the iPod quitting on you...I used to ride the city bus to work when I was a teen...way back when...you meet some interesting people on the bus or at least see some. Have fun on your trips girlie! Blessings

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

    1. It really is the worst feeling when your music just dies on you. The silence feels so deafening, right? You sure do meet some unique individuals on public transit, though - and it's all the easier to stare at them when you don't have any other distractions, LOL. Blessings and big hugs to you too!!!