Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekly recap: May 23-29, 2016

I know we're already past the halfway point of the workweek, but how did everyone enjoy their Memorial Day weekend? It's been a crazy busy stretch for me and I'm playing massive catch-up on pretty much everything right now. Hence, the incredibly delayed nature of this post!
First off, here is my training from last week:

MONDAY - Bike 10 minutes, lift 40 minutes
TUESDAY - 3 miles on treadmill, 10 minutes on rowing machine
WEDNESDAY - Zumba class
THURSDAY - Bike 10 minutes, lift 40 minutes, yoga class
SATURDAY - Run 3 miles (in Maryland)

A few quick training notes:
  • I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to work out over the weekend, so I went all in on Thursday.
  • The weather in the DC area was HOT HOT HOT over the weekend. My 3-mile run on Saturday morning took place in sunny, 80-degree temperatures, and I quickly learned how horrifically unprepared my body is for summertime running. Yowza!
  • Thank you to everyone for your well wishes on my knee. It is feeling much better!
  • I did elect to skip the MCRRC 4-miler on Memorial Day because of the heat, along with several other reasons. It was an easy decision.
Now, let's shift into into picture mode to recap everything else from the week.

Last Thursday, I volunteered at Apna Ghar's Taste for Life gala for the second consecutive year. Apna Ghar is a local women's shelter that does amazing work in the community to fight domestic violence. The gala is a really fun fundraising event! Here are a few pictures:
The Chicago Cultural Center decked out for the festivities
With my fellow volunteers! The four of us took a very similar photo last year. =)
From L to R: Mali, me, Nancy, and Vineeta
A small sampling of the amazing food selections available at the gala
The largest paella I've ever seen in my life.
Dessert beverages
On Friday morning, Adam and I flew to DC to visit his dad and stepmom (Pat) for the holiday weekend. After hearing all the horror stories about long TSA security lines, we arrived at Midway Airport over 2 hours in advance of our flight. We then proceeded to clear security in about five minutes! Clearly it didn't take long for the powers-that-be to implement changes.

That afternoon, the four of us went to Olney, Maryland and had a very nice, leisurely lunch at a local restaurant called Grillmarx.
On Friday night, we got together with our friends Vanitha and Asheesh. It was awesome to catch up over an enormous amount of terrific, authentic Chinese food. We went to China Bistro in Rockville, Maryland.
From L to R: Asheesh, Vanitha, Adam, and me
(This picture was actually taken after dinner at a Baskin Robbins, where we stopped for ice cream)
Yummy yummy!
Side note - Asheesh and I will both be running the Army 10-Miler in October! I have heard so many rave reviews about this race so I am pumped beyond belief. This is a topic for much more detailed discussion another time. =D

Adam's brother, Dave, and Dave's fiance, Patti, were riding in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in DC on Memorial Day. This meant they were both also staying with the family in Maryland over part of the weekend. On Saturday morning, the six of us spent some good family time together.
No selfie sticks, so Dave and Patti took turns taking group photos.
Upper photo from L to R: Adam's father, Dave, me, Adam, and Pat
Bottom photo from L to R: Adam's father, Patti, me, Adam, and Pat
Afterwards, Pat was super kind to treat me to a manicure and a much-needed pedicure. There can't be any other group of people in the universe who could use pedicures more than us runners, no? I very rarely get these done professionally, so this really was an ENORMOUS treat. No pictures (nobody needs to be seeing snapshots of my feet) but the end results were a huge improvement.

On Saturday night, Adam and I met up with our friends, Lauren and Brian, at an excellent local steakhouse in Arlington, Virginia called Rays the Steaks. Lauren and Brian's anniversary is only 3 days away from Adam's and mine, so we had a wonderful joint anniversary celebration.
From L to R: Lauren, Brian, Adam, and me
(This picture was again taken after dinner at Boccato, where we stopped for gelato after dinner. See a theme here? =D )
Rays the Steaks provides bottomless mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.
More yummy yummy.
On Sunday, we went to a family party hosted by Pat's daughter, Theresa, and Theresa's husband, Glenn, at their beautiful lake house. It was the perfect setting for a festive Memorial Day weekend gathering. Theresa and Glenn pulled out all the stops for the party. They prepared an obscene amount of food, had games and music galore, and even took us out on their boat. A great time was had by all!
Views of the water from the backyard patio
Hello, summertime!!!
Adam and I were originally scheduled to fly back from DC to Chicago on Monday night. However, on Saturday night, our friend Chris told us he had somehow snagged face-value tickets to Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 in Pittsburgh on Monday night. You better believe that Adam and I changed all of our travel plans on a moment's notice to take advantage!

I definitely can't tack on everything about the game here, so I will share details in another post. More to come soon!

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  1. I get pedicures more often than manicures because my feet really do need the attention. I last got one on my birthday, but really should treat my feet more often.

    1. Between manicures and pedicures, I find the pedicures are much more "value-added" so to speak. Our feet take a beating as runners! Funny side story - I once took a trapeze class and all the instructors were joking about how their hands take such a beating. It's all dependent on what activity we focus on, yes?

  2. The cultural center looks like such an amazing place to go to an event. Every time I walk through there and they are setting up for something (especially a wedding) I swoon.

    1. Me too! It would be a dream come true to be able to host a wedding there - I can only imagine what kind of price tag it must come with! Sigh...

  3. Man, I want a cabin and a boat on a lake like that! Maybe I should play the lottery? There was so much good food in those pics that I'm getting hungry! Sorry to hear you weren't able to run the 4 miler, but heat (and injury) are the main reasons I have DNS'd in the past. Races are absolutely no fun when the temps are soaring, especially since we're not acclimated to the heat yet. I am trying to get acclimated in time for the RnR in July! :)

    1. I want a cabin and a boat on the like, too! Although, it's also nice to simply have friends/family who have them. =) Thankfully since the 4-miler only had day-of registration, I simply didn't sign up and therefore didn't lose any fees. If only all races could operate that way, yes? I feel like we went straight from the freezer to the oven here! I've also got a lot of heat acclimation on my plate before RnR next month!!! See you there. =)

    2. Ha, ha yes - I've always heard that it's better to have a friend who owns a boat than to actually own the boat! Probably is the same for lake cabins! Here's to us getting used to running in the heat by next month!

    3. I've heard that if anyone purchases a boat or cabin, they suddenly also make a lot of new friends. =) Funny how that works, yes? I heard we're going to have a warm summer this year, too! This is the only time of the year when I'd be motivated to get up before the crack of dawn on a weekend to go running!

  4. Thank you so much, Kelly! Creamed spinach is my favorite side for steak, too! I tried making it at home once but it didn't turn out as well as it does in the restaurants, which is not surprising. How could your husband think you're crazy??? I beg to differ. =) Yes, pedicures are HUGE in the summertime. Nobody wants to be wearing open-toed sandals when their feet are feeling the effects of running or other harsh conditions!

  5. Aww, I love the name of that steak house! It took me a quick moment to get the pun! Looks like a very exciting couple of days. I'd be exhausted after all that!

    1. I love the "Rays the Steaks" name too - it also took me some time to figure out, but it's super clever! And I am indeed exhausted after the weekend. Have you ever felt like you need a vacation from your vacation? That's how I feel now, LOL!

  6. Looks like you had a busy but fun weekend. I'm sure the best part was the hockey game :) The weekend/week has flown by..granted I worked most the weekend but it has really screwed up my knowing what day of the week it is.I really want to go out boating now thanks to your pictures, not that I know anyone nearby with a boat. That green striped dress is super cute, love it!

    1. Busy but fun is the perfect way to describe it! The hockey game was a great time, but more so because they won! If we'd gone through all that time and effort to see a loss, it would have been a much different story. =D I know the feeling of not knowing what day it is when you have to work over the weekend. Hopefully you'll get some good to relax, soon! Thanks so much, Kayla! Good luck at your triathlon this weekend!

  7. Oh wow! You go to the coolest places! You make me wish I had more friends!

    I love the cartoon on top!! Carry something to make you look busy! Hilarious!

    Those mash potatoes look creamy and delicious!

    How fun to go to the Stanley Cup play offs! can't wait for the recap on that!

    1. You are too sweet, Ana! From what I've seen, you've got an extremely full calendar with your son and Roger, plus all of your other family, friends, and the vast variety of fun activities you are always doing! I wish that I could do a Zumba class with you one of these days - I bet you tear it up out there! BTW - congratulations again on your 5K PR last weekend!!!!!

  8. How did I miss this post? Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! You're always taking great trips.

    1. Thank you, Wendy! I am blessed to have family and friends who live in different areas - it makes it very easy to travel there. =)